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Air Purifier Installation In Mandeville, LA

Air Purifiers In St. Tammany Parish

Dirt accumulation in ventilation systems, combined with poor water management, can lead to mold growth and severe health risks for you and your family. Many of these contaminants are released by ordinary in-home materials and furnishings, especially when new, while others can be brought into the home through normal occupancy. With the help of our professionals, A New Air Purifier Installation with regular maintained to keep you and your family protected.

A wide range of household activities can generate a variety of pollutants in your home. Many air quality problems can be avoided through proper equipment installation, adequate ventilation, and regularly maintained Air Purifiers.

Serving all the St. Tammany Parish Region since 1986, Airsmiths Heating and Cooling can provide you with professional Air Purifier Installation and scheduled regular Air Purifier Maintenance. When you have an air purifier installed or serviced in your home by a licensed professional, you can feel comfortable knowing that pollutants, allergens, and debris are being filtered out, and your family is breathing safe and purified air. Save you and your family the hassle this allergy season, and call us today.

Signs you may need an Air Purifier installed or maintained

While there are many reasons your home needs a well-maintained air purifier, check out the top 4 reasons why you may need an Air Purifier:

  • Allergy Symptoms
  • Asthma Flare-Ups
  • Dust on Your Furniture
  • Bad Odors


If you read any of the above reasons and are concerned that you do not have an air purifier in your house or think that your existing air purifier needs to be serviced, reach out to our team of trained professionals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regular maintenance for your heating and cooling systems is often overlooked and can go a really long way in regards to extending equipment life and maintaining operating efficiency. As one of our maintenance contract customers, you get priority scheduling, discounted repair rates, discounted equipment purchases, and much more.

Warranty terms vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and installing dealer. We can verify all warranty terms by using the model and serial numbers located on the equipment. If you have a home warranty company you should contact them directly for service.

Our service fees range from $95-$145 and it covers our initial assessment of the system. With a proper assessment, we can then provided a flat rate cost to repair the system.

We service ALL makes and models! We are also a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers & Carrier Infinity Product Specialists. Our well trained and Nate certified technicians can work on all systems

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