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Top 5 Tips for Fall AC Unit Maintenance

Fall is here with us yet again. With this exciting time of the year comes several changes—from watching post season baseball to getting caught up in mid season football games, and the list goes on and on.

However, in this article we will turn our attention to an area we often forget—home AC units, specifically AC unit maintenance. It’s absolutely imperative that home owners have an understanding of the maintenance involved to ensure their AC unit performs at peak performance even when the temperature drops.

Here are five tips to help you maintain and keep your AC unit in a perfect working condition this Fall:

Clean out the Vents

AC units often attract and accumulate dust during the year. Since the unit has been primarily cooling the air during the summer, the accumulated dust will likely form mold on the AC unit and lower efficiency. 

The more dust on the AC unit’s blower or coil, the less efficient it becomes. For instance, for every one one-hundredth inch, efficiency can reduce by almost 10%. The less efficient the unit is the more power it consumes, and the higher your electricity bills. Furthermore, excess dust may also make your home have a foul smell. 

Therefore, whenever seasons change, especially from summer to fall, you should inspect and clean your vents. Doing so keeps your unit in good shape, perfect performance and lowers your power bills.

Clear Away Plants and Bushes

Down here in the south, vegetation growth around our homes are always a problem. When it comes to your AC unit things are no different. 

If your AC unit is surrounded by bushes, flower beds, or even high grass it’s very important to ensure they are being trimmed, and are not encroaching on the unit. Doing this will keep your AC unit performing at peak performance.

Furthermore, when cutting the grass or weed eating around the unit, it’s important to ensure you are sweeping the area around the unit as accumulated dust or grass can negatively effect the unit’s performance.

Ensure The Thermostat Is in Perfect Shape

You should regularly check your thermostat to ensure that it’s recording the correct temperatures. A faulty thermostat may queue your AC unit to either over-heat or over-cool the air, making your home uncomfortably cold or hot.

There’s never a wrong time to check the thermostat’s accuracy. However, it’s more crucial when your unit is transitioning from cooling to heating. If it’s recording the correct temperatures and following your commands accurately, your system is okay. However, if your home is extremely cold or hot even after adjusting the thermostat, contact an AC professional to correct the problem. Thermostat inspection is essential regardless of whether you have a smart thermostat or not.

Check and Remove Any Clogs in Your Condensate Drain Line

When in perfect shape, the unit’s condensate drain line drains water that the system has condensed from the cooling process. When faulty, it does not drain enough water, causing the system’s drain pain to clog from the excess, stagnant water. Over time, this can cause the system to malfunction or become less efficient.

Clogging of the condensate drain line usually occurs between summer and fall, after a long air conditioning period. If you notice any clogs, drain them and clean the vent using bleach if necessary.

Consider Working with HVAC Professionals

Homeowners should consider contacting people with subject-matter expertise to help you maintain your AC unit. Doing so comes with several benefits:

 • It saves time: Inspecting the entire unit, identifying faults, and applying the correct remedial measures can be quite time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the subject-matter expertise.

 • Professionals understand AC unit maintenance : HVAC professionals have the knowledge and expertise to ensure all preventative maintenance boxes are checked to ensure your ac unit continues to run at optimal performance throughout the year.

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